वृद्धि है तो वृद्धि है

The major objectives

To manufacture, process, prepare, preserve, refine, packaging, buy, sell and deal whether as wholesaler or retailers or as exporters or importers or as Principals or agents or as keepers or dealers in all kinds of agricultural products (Plant, animal, Fungus, algae, bacteria), major product, residues, wastes, any by-products or co-products thereof and to carry on the business and setting up of Agriculture Farms (Plant, animal, Fungus, algae, bacteria), Processing Plants, manufacturing plants of Plant food (organic manure and organic tonic, organic medicines), human food, animal and poultry feed, plant food ingredients, human food ingredients, animal, and poultry feed in gradients, Cold Storage Plants, Research laboratories, Packing units, Bottling Plants and to manufacture and deal in all kinds and varieties of foods for plant, human or animal consumption.

To carry on the business of Manufacturers, Millers, Grinders, Rollers, Processors, Tankers, Packers and Preserves, and dealers of all foods from agriculture products, Agricultural products, Dairy products, Horticulture and Poultry products, residues, wastes, and any by-products or co-products thereof Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Meats, Processed meat scanned, and tinned and processed foods for plant human, animal, fast foods, processed fish and sea foods, frozen foods, Potential foods, health and instant foods of all kinds, including baby and dietary foods, cereals, beverages, restoratives and aerated mineral waters and food stuffs and consumable provisions and to extract by-products, derivatives food preparations of every kind and description.

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